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Chariot Scooter and Wheelchair Lift

If you need a scooter, powerchair or wheelchair lift for your car, Bruno offers convenient, easy-to-use solutions. Whether you have a heavy powerchair, lightweight manual wheelchair or 3-wheel travel scooter, Bruno has vehicle lifts that won’t burden your car or you! At Bruno, our focus is to help car, sedan and hatchback owners find the best scooter lifts for […]

Outrider Wheelchair Lifts

Pickup truck owners get things done. When you need to hit the road with your mobility device, a Bruno scooter, wheelchair or powerchair lift for your truck is the right tool for the job. Choose from lifts that stow your mobility device in the truck bed or behind your truck. Get ready to pick up and go! […]

Outsider Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts

You’ve got places to go, things to do. With an easy-to-use scooter or powerchair lift designed for SUVs, Bruno gets you there effortlessly. Transport your mobility device inside or outside your SUV, and let a Bruno mobility device lift keep you rolling. We are driven to help people find the best scooter lifts for their lifestyle and […]