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7 Advantages of Aging in Place

As individuals advance in age, there are many things they and their loved ones need to consider in order to ensure their lives remain happy, healthy, and comfortable as their needs change. It’s important for older people to maintain independence and freedom in their sunset years, even if they face mobility challenges.  Aging in place […]

4 Types of Stair Lifts for Home Accessibility

4 Types of Stair Lifts for Home Accessibility ParaQuad Mobility Salt Lake City UT

If you or a member of your family have a hard time getting up and down the stairs in your home, whether due to disability or advancing age, you may want to consider installing a stair lift. Stair lifts are a safer way to use the stairs in your home and are a great way to prevent injuries like broken bones or a concussion. 

Howell Ventures – Sure Grip Hand Controls

ParaQuad Mobility Salt Lake City UT

Sure Grip Title: Howell Ventures Suregrip Hand Controls: Empowering Mobility and Independence Introduction: Living with a physical disability should never hinder anyone from experiencing the freedom and independence that comes with driving. Fortunately, companies like Howell Ventures have made significant strides in developing innovative technologies that empower individuals with mobility challenges. One such groundbreaking product […]