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Abiliquip – Abiloader

Wheelchair Loaders are made by specialist engineers and delivered anywhere in the world!

Abiliquip designed and made the abiLoader for 13 years, and it is our flagship international product that has been sold to 11 countries and loved by thousands. The Abi-loader is a simple solution to driving mobility for disabled drivers with some very clever engineering. The Abiloader, at the push of the drivers’ button, opens the boot and delivers a wheelchair right up next to the driver door.

Reliability is crucial for mobility aids. We think that mobility devices should be as simple as possible to achieve the result. It is much more work to design a simple mechanism for stowing wheelchairs, but we put in the effort! The design is very clever but not complex.

Our product’s success internationally owes much to its lower complexity than other products. In addition, its much higher reliability and more straightforward servicing mean we have taken over many world markets.

Total driving independence and class-leading ease of use make this the premium option for manual wheelchair users. For rigid chair users, there is no other device that comes close.

People who use lowered-floor mobility vans should consider the Abiloader, where they are able transfer to the driver’s seat. If you did not know of the Abiloader when you purchased your last vehicle, check out the advantages of a much wider range of vehicles and features.

We deliver and support the abi-Loader internationaly, Enquire Today!

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