40+ Years of Confidence & Trust

Since 1977 Paraquad Automobility has been providing a broad array of solutions for people with mobility issues.

Through caring, hard work, thoughtfulness and competence, we have established an ever growing network of customers and care providers, from whom Paraquad has earned the Trust and Confidence so necessary in producing beneficial and effective mobility results.

As the first specialized vehicle mobility company in the Intermountain Area, we have continually introduced new technologies and systems for partially and fully adaptive vehicles that have served well, and enhanced the lives of countless people.

That Confidence and Trust has helped take the uncertainty and concern out of mobility decisions, and make specific individual needs more easily met. We are proud of our commitment to our customers and our well earned reputation gained over 38 plus years of serving the disabled community, their families, and the agencies and institutions that look to us for quality and integrity in providing mobility solutions.